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  Comprehensive Trust Package Basic Trust Package
(Do-It-Yourself package)
Cost/Minimum Fee. INDIVIDUAL $1,750
(Legal consultation or specific drafting beyond the 4 hours provided is available at additional cost.)
(Legal consultation or specific drafting is not included and is available at additional cost.)
Documents included A Trust Book containing a Living Trust, which will be either a Single person Trust, or if you are married, a Marital Trust, A-B Trust, A-B-C Trust, or a Marital-Disclaimer Trust (we will analyze your situation and discuss with you to help you choose the appropriate type of trust); Trustee Instructions; Successor Trustee Instructions; Guidelines for the Successor Trustee; Funding documents including a Declaration of Intent and Assignment of Assets and up to two California deeds and a title search to determine the current title and property description per the last vesting deeds (states other than California and nontraditional properties such as timeshares may require additional cost); Pour-over Will(s); Durable Power(s) of Attorney for Management of Property and Financial Affairs; Advance Health Care Directive(s); Physician's Directives; Anatomical Gift Form(s); a Location Key Guide (to help you in cataloging all of your important documents so that they can be found later); a Personal Message Guide; and more. The same documents are provided but without legal consultation to assist you in choosing the type of Trust. Further, the number of deeds is limited to no more than one.
Consultation provided The Comprehensive Trust Package includes up to 4 hours of legal consultation, either in person or on the phone, and detailed document drafting specific to your circumstances. The Basic Trust Package includes no legal consultation.
Presentation Documents are printed on Hornstein security protection paper to help prevent tampering with your documents, and delivered to you in a comprehensive tabbed easy to follow binder. The documents will be printed on plain paper.